WHEN Should we STARt?

Hypnobirthing can benefit you at any stage of your pregnancy, however, I really believe that it is best to have the time to practice and prepare to enable to course to benefit you the most so, around 26-34 weeks is a great time to start! 


Below is a shortlist with just some of the topics!

How Our incredible Uterus functions during birth
How fear affects our bodies and our labour
Where does fear originate from
Understanding our minds and preparing for birth
Breathing and relaxation
Building up your positive expectation of birth - this is KEY
Prenatal and postnatal bonding
Deepening and visualisations for birth and labour
Releasing fears you may have towards the birth
Avoid artificial induction and try natural induction
Looking at birth plans together
If labour slows or rests what to do if this were to happen
Misconceptions around labour
Optimal positions for labour and birth
What is happening at that point of birth
The first magical hour and what to expect and plan for
Bonding with baby
Understanding emotions postnatally for all of you

Where are the courses held?

Antenatal Hypnobirthing classes are undertaken in the comfort of my home in N12, Barnet. I have a quiet, private and relaxing space at my home where I hold classes. A huge range of teas are available, plus copious amounts of cake and fruit will be served at each class, after all isn't that what keeps us mums going. It is very close to Muswell Hill, East Finchley, Finchley and Palmers Green. Parking is just fine and no restrictions. If you would prefer a private class, that can be arranged at your home.


Just yourself and your birth partner! I do recommend that you attend the classes in comfortable clothing as you will want to be as relaxed as possible. You can also bring your own pillow for relaxation should you wish to however, I have everything here for you.


I appreciate that sometimes classes are hard to attend especially when going through pregnancy and if you are already a mother. I do however ask that you give me as much notice as possible in the event you won't be able to attend a class and we can then reschedule.  I try to be as flexible as I can as I know how plans can change.

I am unable to hold unpaid spaces unfortunately. Booking is only confirmed once the fee has been paid in full. I will of course discuss a payment plan with you if that is the best way for you to come to the classes

If a class has to be rescheduled from my side due to illness, I will work out the best way for you with the least disruption to your course.