What is Hypnobirthing?


Hypnobirthing considers the psychological and spiritual as well as the physical well-being of the birthing mother, the birth partner and the newborn baby. It is used during labour and birth.  This method of birth preparation, was built upon creating logical associations with labour and birth, learning and practicing beneficial breathing techniques, learning to relax and practice relaxation, visualisation, paying attention to nutrition while pregnant and feeding, positive body toning and healthy living. It is a full antenatal course that provides you both with all the knowledge and the tools to enjoy your labour and birthing your baby.

EVery birth is a birth

This is SO important. Lets clarify now that we aren’t using hypnobirthing just for the preparation of what is considered ‘a natural birth’ we are taking all of the tools learnt to use them as they will benefit any outcome and circumstance. I work with a lot of couples who are preparing for a cesarean and or just want to be calm and relaxed no matter the way they birth. I concentrate on respecting the birthing family and giving them their right to understanding their choices with where they give birth and how they wish their birth to be.


  • Allowing women to birth their babies, after all womens bodies and the babies know how to birth

  • A women’s body shouldn’t be forced to do something unless medically required

  • Birth is natural and is a natural experience BUT the tools aid every birth circumstance

  • Needless procedures can interrupt the births natural rhythm, we work to exercise our rights and understand our choices but to work with our midwives as a team

  • Each labour has its own schedule, labour may rest or accelerate. It shouldn’t be manipulated


YES! During labour, your body produces a wonderful natural hormone called oxytocin, we call it the love hormone.  Oxytocin is what is released during lovemaking and also this same hormone helps progress your labour (they say what gets baby in, gets baby out!)  

Stress hormones affect the production of oxytocin and can make your labour longer but, hypnobirthing can help you manage stress hormones, such as adrenalin, and reduce anxiety, which should lead to a calmer birth. We give you tools and your birth partner the tools that will benefit you during labour and birth.

Hypnobirthing also covers the fourth trimester which is the first three months after baby has arrived. We discuss what to expect and how relaxation can also benefit you at this time. Hypnobirthing may benefit you after birth too, with some evidence showing that it can lower the chance of postnatal depression.

You can use Hypnobirthing for any outcome and while preparing for can be used wherever you give birth – in a hospital or birth centre, or at home.  Hypnobirthing can help your birth partner play a more active role during labour and in some case’s as mothers are relaxed it has been shown to make labour shorter and the need for drugs and interventions less likely.

special circumstances

Practising hypnobirthing does not mean unexpected things won’t happen. A birth free from medical interventions or complications can never be guaranteed. However, learning to relax and stay calm will absolutely help you feel more in control during labour if things don’t go to plan and having a clear understanding of the physiological women’s body will also assist..


Hypnobirthing has been developed with your birth partner in mind too, to give them a more active role during your labour. They are often overlooked with other antenatal classes and they play a very important part during labour and birth.  They also need understanding and to have a role will help them to feel more involved. It is preferable that you come along together if you can.