Welcome to Tutum Birthing


Hi, I’m Claire. I am a mother to two gorgeous little girls, we are SO lucky to have them!

When I was 6 months pregnant with Flora 6, my eldest, I was beginning to get pretty anxious, I could not shut the worrying out. Around then, someone suggested I looked into Hypnobirthing and gave me the name of this brilliant book by the original lady who founded Hypnobirthing, Marie Mongan. The lady I was with claimed to have given birth with just two paracetamol which seemed crazy to me!

I was utterly taken in by this book and the brilliant download that came with it. I listened to it each evening before going to sleep and read the book, back to back twice through both of my pregnancies. When I took the course, in Barnet, with my partner we enjoyed it so much, it all began to make sense and my anxiety subsided.

When my girls decided to make their appearance, I had this amazing feeling of calm, felt completely empowered and so incredibly excited. My husband was totally amazed at how I went into my own zone and as he said ‘you were like a different person’

Hypnobirthing helped every aspect of my preparation to become a mother. I understood what my body was designed to do as I entered the labour phase and then through to the birth. I used my breathing, I had learnt in the classes and Dominic was able to use his tools he had learnt to assist me with my labour. It was just great, we worked as a team for the whole time.

I so passionately want to share this knowledge with others and to help them feel relaxed, to educate and empower mothers to enjoy and treasure what can be a wonderful experience. The relaxation learnt during your pregnancy, can be a wonderful thing to experience and bring you closer to your partner, so you can both understand and enjoy the lead up to meeting your baby!