what people say about us

We found Claire through a local social media group and really liked her website. When we met for a taster session, we were drawn to her calm and friendly nature. We had a unfortunate and disappointing experience with our first birth which led us to look into hypnobirthing and Claire helped us both to feel confident and at ease with our second birth and we went forward to have a positive birth and one which we will always remember.

Thank you so much for all the help, support and positivity you gave us.
— Sarah & Mike – 1st time parents, Barnet

He was so much more involved than last time, and an amazing support when it came to keeping me relaxed.
— Iona & Mark - 2nd time parents, Crouch End

Thank you for your lessons, it really helped me to have a more comfortable second birth without any interventions and stitches.
— Deepthini – Friern Barnet

It was great to carve out time for just me and the baby, I am already feeling much more confident.
— Louise - 3rd time mother, Muswell Hill

My husband and I did a series of private hypno birthing sessions with Claire in preparation for the arrival of our twins. I had heard of hypno birthing before but didn’t think it would be relevant in our case as our consultant had strongly recommended an elective caesarean birth. I had presumed hypno birthing was only useful for natural births. However, Claire explained how useful the technique could be regardless of birth outcome. We talked a lot about my crippling fear of birth, particularly given my medical history, and Claire felt she could help to empower me with exercises such as a fear release, relaxation techniques, visualisations etc.

Claire is an incredibly warm and open person. I immediately felt very comfortable and calm with her. I even told my husband I would love to have her as my birth partner on the day! She really understood what we needed and worked with us until I was in a place where I felt significantly more in control of the options and outcome. She was also great at engaging my husband in the process. He was definitely more sceptical than me we first started, but he quickly saw the effects the sessions were having on me, and also felt them himself (there may have been some snoring from him during the relaxation sessions!!). I think the work Claire has done with us both has also made him a more effective birth partner and we now have a range of techniques which we hope we will be able to use during the birth, whichever way things go.

We really can’t recommend Claire enough, she has totally changed our perspective on childbirth, given us a whole new level of confidence and has been an invaluable source of advice and support.
— Rakhee, London